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The first step

The first step


The initial consultation is the  first step in putting an interiors plan in place, whether it is for paint colours, styling or a full room design. It is the foundation of the design process, as it allows us to develop the scope of the work, establish a budget, and define the design style that best suits your needs and vision.


I will travel to your home (or on zoom) and spend up to 2 hours walking through your space, discussing your thoughts, and providing advice on paints, styling, discuss furniture  and flooring along with spatial planning and offer any initial solutions to design problems you may have. 


After this initial consultation, you may find that two hours are adequate for your needs, or you can choose to proceed with additonal services to complete your project, like design boards, 2D layout and renders, sourcing or project management.


To discuss further contact me at or give me a call.


*Subject to mileage charges


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