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My Story 

By adding style and character, everyone can live in a functional home they love.


My name is Amy, and first and foremost I am a wife to John and a full-time Mum to 3 little girls, Sofia, Isla Mae, and Georgia. We have an extremely busy house and are constantly on the go. I am ‘all or nothing’ so generally have a project on and juggling many balls!

​My background is Finance (qualified Accountant),  I held a post as Finance Manager for an online gaming company up until 2012. I then became a full-time Mum with the birth of our first daughter and two others quickly followed. 



In 2017, after being at home for five years I set up an Instagram page called ‘Simply Divine Interiors’. It was something I could manage at home whilst still raising our daughters. Everything began from this page.

I quickly saw a gap in the market which allowed me to offer ‘Home Decor Consultations’ to clients on a moderate budget. People who struggled with basic ideas for creating their house into a beautiful functional home.


I've always had a keen interest in interiors, organising and making our home functional yet stylish. 

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Starting with an: initial consultation, we meet at your home (or online) and walk though your home. Whether it is for paint colours, styling or a full room design. This consultation is the foundation of the design process, as it allows us to develop the scope of the work, establish a budget, and define the design style that best suits your needs and vision.

At this stage you can choose to work alone with the tools you picked up from the initial consultation or move forward to the next step.

Moving on: the design boardThe design board serves as a visual aid, presenting suggested items and colour schemes along with written detail to help you visualise your project's direction.  You will receive a personalised design board customised to your project and budget. it will presented over zoom and emailed to you.

It contains all the tools for you to complete the project yourself or you can use my services in purchasing and project management.

The pricing for this service is based on the project's scope. 

Thirdly: 2d layouts & renders,  For a more detailed visualization of your space, consider my 2D layouts and renders service. using the measurements and furniture sizes, and color preferences from the design board, I can create a room design for you to preview.

Finally: project management & implementation.

Everyone should live in a functional home that they love!​

SD NEW GOLD-37.png
SD NEW GOLD-37.png
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