“We were very pleased with the service provided by Simply Divine Interiors. When it comes to interior design Amy’s creative vision is exceptional. Thank you Amy for your inspiration and your great eye for style and quality.” 

Client Testimonials

 Dorset College


Having no idea where to start, and a mess of different designs and layouts in our heads, Amy came in and helped us put structure and clarity on our thoughts. When we could only give examples or describe things like “you know a type of thing that sort of looks like this” she was able to put our thoughts into a design.


Amy thought of structural changes and elements that we had never considered and which have made a huge impact to our living space. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her taste is second to none.


I would highly recommend Amy as an interior designer and will definitely be asking for her help again when we move onto our next rooms.

Cathy (Dublin)

I contacted Amy as I wanted to update our house but didn't know where to start.

I had picked out a couple of ideas here and there but had no idea how to put everything together and make it work for our home! I also felt that while we had lots of space, we had very little storage space, but I wanted to avoid buying various different presses and shelves that might not look great all together. 

Amy gave us some fantastic ideas to update the house and to get lots more storage with a lovely streamlined look. She listened to my ideas but also steered me towards more practical changes, such as darker carpets (we have children and pets so easy maintenance is a must) and larger storage boxes/shelves for the playroom so bulky toys and games can be hidden out of sight.


She really helps you to banish clutter from your home! She also gave us lots of simple ideas to brighten up the house such as changing light fittings in the hall and landing and a simple but effective tiled splash back in the kitchen. 

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